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Amelie Fourree
Mine just arrived in the mail! Thank you for the new iPad Air 2!!
28 October à 22:54

Adrien de Picard
I thought it was a joke at first, but my iMac 27 has arrived this morning!
27 October à 16:18

Charles Wong
Great!!! I love it!
27 October à 4:59

Naomi Marie
Damn, I wanted the iPad but it was out of stock...But hey, the iPhone 6 is not bad either ;)
27 October à 3:33

Juliette Brioche
@Hey Naomi, same for me!!!! But if you don't mind, sell your iPhone 6 and buy an iMac! Everyone wants an iPhone!
27 October à 1:02

Aurelie Printemps
It must be false…
27 October à 2:34

Tobias Mouton
Think whatever you want, but it works!
26 October à 11:01

Camille Brion
It's so coool! The 1st time I win something!!!
25 October à 15:45

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